Friday, November 13, 2009

Maggie&Mitch move Mango

Hi all,
Yep, it's me riding the bike with my huge box of pressies that was sent from Maggie and Mitch!
Thanks Maggie and Mitch for the lovely birthday present, it makes my day, la vie en rose, la la la la la...

Everybody knows Maggie and Mitch, they are adorable!

The mailman knows me furry well, he delivers the package to my paws

As soon as I open my pressies, my brothers appear from nowhere!
Their noses are sharp even they looks flat on their faces.

I jump right into the box, declare my ownership!

Here's the card: Another year better!
My barkday card! Candle and cake and care from Maggie and Mitch!

Maggie and Mitch write to me:
Happy belated birthday Mango (smiling face).
Mitch insisted on sending you his favorite apple treats and no
birthday is complete without ICE CREAM!!
Enjoy your kittycone (heart image)
You can share but only if you want to!!
Love ,

I don't want to share my apple treats but my mom makes me to, sob! sob!
Look at my brothers' hungry faces waiting for apple treats from heaven!

Here's another shot, me and my loot!
Notice the sitting frog hanging on the back wheel?
That's my new bed buddy!

I keep all my pressies in the bamboo basket out of my brothers' paws.
Maggie and Mitch say I can share only if I want to.
I don't want to!
Maggie and Mitch, my heartfelt thank to you. I'll treasure our friendship furever!

Until next post, cheers!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


What a pawesome surprise!


Molly the Airedale said...

We just love that picture of the apple treats dangling over your hungry faces, Mango! hehehe
You are so sweet! Enjoy your birthday pressies!
We love your new blog header photo!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

What great presents. That Maggie and Mitch sure know how to shop. Enjoy!


Amber said...

Hi Mango, what a lovely pressies from Maggie and Mitch! A big basket of goodies! Is great to see you happy Mango! Oh, and I want to keep my fur fur as long as I can. I hate it when it's all short ;)

Take care
have a good weekend!

Daisy said...

What a fabulous basket of goodies! Those apple treats looks extra-scrumptious. I do not blame you for not wanting to share!

Anonymous said...




Looks like really good stuff!

Hugs, Tessa

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hi Mango,

I felt your kiss all the way over here. It was so sweet!! I wish you could havde been with us and I would have geven you lots of free kisses cuase us Texan gotta stick together.


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What wonderful presents Mango!! Happy Belated Birthday!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
Maggie and Mitch sent you pawesome presents!
I am sure you are enjoying... and sharing them!
Take care
Kisses and hugs


Happy Birthday to you,
You really are cool!
Happy Birthday Dear Mango,
Happy Birthday to you!

We luv you sooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Hi Mango, hee, hee, hee! You are soo funny! You make me laugh and blush all over! Now I am a Pink Maltese and it can't be washed off! hee,hee, hee!

You can mop for me any time you want! Hee, hee, hee! Mommy said she'll even make you a costume!

We think you are the bestest frend we could ever have!

Luv ya,
Star and Riley. Hee, hee, hee!

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Mango!
What wonderful presents from Maggie & Mitch!

Unknown said...

Hey Mango
You are so lucky to get pressies from M and M. And... you know I love frogs and you got a really fun froggie. I'm super jelly. Have fun

Diana Chiew said...

Hi Mango, of course we would like to be your friend, you are such a handsome boy, so snowy white. Thanks for dropping by and do come by more often.

- Minnie

Mack said...

Just look at all those cool pressies!

M & M really know how to shop for barkday gifts!

My Mind's Eye said...

Mango happy b-day to you... a little belated. I don't know how you contained your excitement what a stash you rec'd!!! You are kind to share with your brothers...
Madi and Mom

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Late again! What am I going to do about my mom not getting me around in time? Anyway Happy Late Birthday, looks like you had a fun filled present day!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Heehee.. I had a good laugh about what you said about Ximui and Chubs' noses being sharp although they look flat on their faces!

What wonderful pressies from Maggie and Mitch.. ohhh apple treats sound really nice too! Hope you enjoy them ALONE. :P

Cocorue said...

hey, i've made you a lips pressie as i can't wait till next september.

i will leave it on my sidebar till you collect it as i am not actually very computer savvy

i hope you like it
will make you another if you prefer, ok?

Kess And Her Mama said...

Happy belated birthday Mango! You did the right thing in jumping right in. Enjoy your pressies!

Eric said...

What a haul Mango. Fab gifts from the M and M's! Did your Mom gave you pizza before you ate the ice cream cone huh so you could feel just like them?! Hope so...

Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxx

Unknown said...

I like your pictures.

Cocorue said...

Hey sweetie,

I'm sorry i don't know how to give you a link to your kiss pressie. can you just copy and paste onto your blog??? ......sorry, told you i'm not savvy


i said...

What a nice package! That's so nice of Maggie & Mitch!

Emma and Emmy said...

You must have great time enjoying your presents. Hugs

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Miss seeing you and our visits! Hope you are all fine at your place and just taking some time off playing with all of your birthday things.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I am so glad to see you today! Thanks for coming over!! Yes, by all means call me Sunshine, I rather like that. The mom is trying to make my blog all about me but we have our way of remembering Sassy too. She is always near to us. You will see me all decked out on the holidays for sure. You are such a dear sweet friend.

Asta said...

Dawling Mango

I love youw thanksgiving and youw bwuvvews look so gweat.
I've been so pweoccupied wif twying to pway fow Snickews that I have neglected you. I'm so sowwy.
I've been cwying all day and my eyes huwt Snickews was one of my fiwst and deawest fwiends..I will keep hew in my heawt fuwwevew
stay well sweet fwiends
smoochie kissses

The Animal Doctor said...

Mango, thank you so much for your donation! I am on my way to fulfilling my dreams of having my very own wheelchair, and I am glad that you are a part of it. This is the best gift that you can give me.

hugs and kisses, Scarlet

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...

Mango -

See, it wasn't so bad that your pawrents forgot your barkday... at least you're getting pressies.

Speaking of which, we left something for you on our blog.

Savvy's looking forward to her date with Riley in NY on New Years Eve... Will you be riding that bike over the city?

Your Pals

Cocorue said...

hey Mango, you think you can convince your mumster to install one of those cbox so i can leave messages for you??????

TQ for your prayers and for telling me about your angel brother. .....TQ too for praying that i'm not diabetic but i have to be careful according to the vet

chikisses and have a happy Thanksgiving


Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Sending blessing and best wishes to you, your family, and friends this Thanksgiving Day.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Thanks for your beautiful Thanksgiving wishes that you left at my place. I love you bunches too. You are at the top of my special, special friends. Hope you had a fun day today and got some extra treats to eat.

My Mind's Eye said...

I had no idea I was in the last series of Dancing with the Stars.
I just checked it out oh my word!!!
I love my dress. The color is quite becoming on me.
I guess your Mom and Riley and Star's Mom worked on this together.
Madi and Mom

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You are just the cutest and what a great surprise!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, my friend!

kishiko said...

Mongo! I am late!
Happy Birthdat! What a wonderful gift you have! And you are so cute!!!

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Hey sweet friend. Checking in to say hey! Tell your mom that I need to see new photos of your sweet little face. Miss you!!

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Hey, forgot to ask how you get those photos up on your link thingie?

Pippa said...

Looks like you have had a nice long birthday even if Ximui and Chubs were a bit unfair posting that nasty note about you being missing and not to call.

Hope you are all well and getting over all the excitement and presents for your barkday.

Petra said...

Happy Birthday, Mango! Maggie and Mitch sure sent you a GREAT birthday present!

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Thanks for the information on the photos by the link thingie. I did have the mom check and it was checked in the layout so I don't know why the photos are not showing up. I have checked alphabetic, photo, and when posted. I don't get it, oh well. We tried anyway. Love to you and your family.

Life With Dogs said...

Superb prize collection Mango! :)

Piappies World said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piappies World said...

Hi Mango!

Happy Happy Barkday! Those are really pawesome pressies. Our fave photo is the one with you, your brothers and the tantalizing apple treats! Yummy!

The photos are just so pretty! Hope you had lots of fun! Weeeee

-Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet


Hey Mango,

What's go'n on? Just wanted to say Hi!......Hi! Hope you are having a great week!

We had our kitchen counters and tile redone about four years ago. So I'm not sure about the builder? The cabinets are original though.

Take care,

Riley and Star.

i said...

Hiya Mango! Just dropping in for a visit.

Snowy and Crystal said...

thanks 4 da bifday wishes

s&c: "pawesome pwessies u gotfrom M&M" :)

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

We have missed visiting you Mango! We are trying to catch up if the computer can get fixed and stay that way it will be easier!! Man you really raked in the loot! Maggie and Mitch are the sweeterest!
Big Hugs
Sunny,Scooter&Shamus! oh and Jamie too

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Sorry I yelled.

Pinot and Angel Momo said...

Mango Mango!!! Ahhhhh I miss you guys!! Today was our first day to visit our friend's blog since long ago and we thought we really had to visit you tonight! Happy happy birthday, Mango!!

Maggie and Mitch are so so sweet. What a great pressie!!! Is your weather treating you well?

Momo & Pinot

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Hey sweet one you have me worried. Are you alright? Just let me know you are OK. Miss you.
Wishing you and your family the best for the holidays.

Huskee and Hershey said...

Stopping by to bark you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Happy Howlidays to you and your family!!

Love ya lots!!

Huskee & Hershey

kishiko said...

Hi Mango!
I hope you have wonderful holidays with your family!

Autumn and Jasmine the Maltese said...

Stop by to wish u a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday =D
May the Christmas bring you lots of happiness and health.

Autumn & Mom

Pinot and Angel Momo said...

Mango, how are you? We bet all of you're enjoying being on your mom's lap. That's the best place in the world, isn't it? :) :) Today, we wanted to come by and say happy happy holidays!!!

Oh yes, one more thing... our mom wants to email you tomorrow.. :) :)

Momo & Pinot

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Mango!
Wish you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Molly the Airedale said...

Merry Christmas to all of you! We miss you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

We just wanted to stop by to wish you a very happy holiday!
And happy new year too!

The Animal Doctor said...

We wish you and your family a happy holidays, love, peace, and prosperity in the coming year. Thank you so much for being a friend to us. :)


Lacy said...

w00fs, where is u me sweeties...hope u had a pawsome christmas...miss u's too..

b safe,
~rocky and aunty claudette~