Sunday, August 31, 2008

She stole my hair style

Hello pals,
Remember Cameron Diaz's hilarious hair style in the movie " There's something about Mary"?
Look again at that hairdo!

And look at mine! She stole my hair style! But I didn't use the gel that she used on her hair! Absolutely not!

Until next post! Cheers!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Mango Family Sportmanship

We're MAD!
Our absent-minded mom forgot to send pawesome entries into the 2008 DWB Pawlimpic Games!
There's gone our hard works and endless time and great effort to make it happened!
Blah! Blah! Blah!
We post it today to show all our friends the sportmanship of The Mango Family!!!

Jack, Ximui and my late brother Ringo in the good old days ( Ximui was scared, he squeezed in the middle seat)

I think my initial M stands for Michael Phelps!

Jack claimed that he did dive into the pool. NO witness!

Acrobatics, Balance, Artistry
Ximui climbed onto the bookshelf then didn't know how to get down

Betty was drooling while balancing the milkbone

Ximui balancing himself inside the rolling jar( now that jar is the shape of his round tummy)

Synchronized Sleeping
OMDog! Ximui and his cloned Puggy.

Beauty and the Beast

Betty and Jack when Betty was only 2 months old in their angelic sleep

At Work
Ximui on lifeguard duty

Begging Face
My eyes spoke a thousand words

Ximui used his pityful look to get what he wanted ( It works sometimes!)

The Ball Event
Jack was hit by the ball, ouch!

Jack was punched by the ball, ouch! ouch!

Ximui loved to do belly up , he thought it was cute!

Tongue Event
Great kisser!

Oh Betty showed off her pointed tongue.

Kissing Event
I taught Ximui how to kiss

Then Betty taught Chubs

Then Chubs taught Ximui again, slow learner, always!

What happened here, stayed here!

Making a mess
Can you believe Ximui got away with this?

Being a nuisance
Jack paid for his naughtiness to Sadie the Great Dane

I let Betty won!

High Jump
Luke( Jack's father) performed his unbeatable, unforgettable high jump

Like father, like son

Tug- of- war
Jack and Tucker, his neighbor
Jack( left) and his parents, Luke ( far right) and Lucy ( front right)

Jack (again) and Wellington, neighbor

Bitey face
Beware of me, I'll bite!

Hurdle event
Jack was tiredlessly racing the whole back yard

Sleeping -Single dog
Ximui and his friends hit the carpet in a slumber party

Dancing with the Dog
Betty and I stirred the dance floor with hot steps Cha Cha, do you see the spark between us?
Apolo Ohno and Julianna Hough?

Stick event
( Jack argued that was a stick)

Open your mouth event
Please do not encourage Jack going for American Idol

Sometimes I howl just for the fun of it

Pee Mail
Chubs, it's him! Only him!

Synchronized Event
Betty and Jack licking ice cream in the hot August afternoon.

Ringo( my late brother) and Ximui strolling by the pool

Ringo, Ximui and Miami ( my late sister) were happy together

Are we doggies happy together? Yes! YES!

Until next post, cheers!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rich and Famous

Hi y'all,
Look who's here:
Joe the cool dude always cracks me up with his witty humor!

Girl Girl sweet little princess caring for every doggies

Snowy&Crystal have brighten my day with their priceless sparkling smiles

Ben Ben and his gang, the wonderful funny friends make me laugh until my jaw hurts

and Huskee the supermodel who has won Baby's heart

What do they have in common? They have lovingly given me this award, thanks ladies and genltedogs

With this card, I now can kiss my mom good bye to go visiting all my blogging friends around the world!
1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
I checked your blogs and saw that most of you (Simba, Abby, Pedro, Lorenza...) already had this award, then I'd like to pass it on to Happy, Goofy, Euthymic, Peanut and Snoop my new friend and live in another part of the wolrd.
Oh wait, don't leave your pooter yet, there are more awards coming.
Joe and Huskee ( see their photogenic faces above?) gave me this award, thanks guys!

Happy handed me two awards, thanks Happy, oh Happy always makes me happy!

And last but not least, here comes Snoop the super cutie bringing joy to the blogger world

Snoop gave me this award

Thanks pals, you make me feel Rich and Famous!

And I love to pass it on to you who have not claimed it in your blog, take one get one free, hehe!

***Now this is the Saturday night entertainment, a Broadway show in a theater near you!***

Last night, we rehearsed a play in which I play the leading actor who has a girlfriend ( Betty the Boxer) who cheated me with Chubs the Pug! ( They were acting in a kissing scene behind my back!)

I was supposed to confront Chubs to show him that I was Betty's only man!
I acted so real that scared the daylight out of Chubs, hehe!

And all of a sudden, next thing I knew, Ximui and Chubs ganged up to knock me out.
That act was not supposed in the script!
I tried to explain to them it was just a play rehearsal but they didn't listen.
Oh my! Can you recognize me? Can you tell which end is which in that torn miserable figure in between two fierce sets of sharp teethy?

Call SPCA, please!

Until next post, cheers!