Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maroon and Me

Hello everybody, Mango here!
I'm still here blogging.

Ximui and Chubs dream of firing me, dream on, brudders!
Today I play True Colors Thursday with
Blue again, this week's color is Maroon!
It's me in maroon picture frame, ooops, why my right eye is much smaller than my left eye? Is it me, paparazzi?

Lets take a tour inside my house, flower stand in the foyer, it has maroon grapes dangling, can't eat it, what a waste!

Maroon sofa set

Gorgeous Japanese doll in her maroon kimono

Maroon curtain in dining room

Stained glass window with magnolia maroon stems.

Maroon wallpaper in guest bathroom and maroon stained glass window. No I don't take bath here. I take bath at the sink.

Maroon topiary

My dad's maroon office wall and his maroon guitar

My dad's vintage (means worn out) maroon stripes sweater

Maroon painting in the bedroom, my parents wish they were young and restless once more!

My mom's helper on Thanksgiving, Mrs. Maroon Turkey. She has big belly like Twinkle!

Look! My Singapore friends, my mom has her maroon jewelry box from Singapore, those are real orchids that coated with a special crystal-clear resin to preserve their majesty for a lifetime.

My mom's maroon sandal with fake stone!

My mom's farorite maroon orchid

My maroon photo album

Look what I found in the fridge! What else is more refreshing than maroon cherry in a summer afternoon?

I'll take a nap now, in my own maroon comfy bed, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Until next post, cheers!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Black and Tan

Hello, Ximui and Chubs here. We fired Mango the lazy pup. He made us late for the Thursday post!
We love to play the meme True Colors Thursday for a loooong time but Mango is always in his slow motion act.

This Thursday, special thanks to Poopsie aka Blue who kindly welcome us to the True Colors and Maggie &Mitch who inspire us to show off our Black and Tan possessions!

Below is our two Angels Brothers: Romeo the Cat and Ringo the Maltese!
You're always in our hearts!

Our bird Eagles

The sail boat

Western Wagon

Antique car

My dad's guitar

Coffee mug, good advice, heh?

My paparazzi's camera pouch

Vietnamese painting with egg shell inlaid and lacquer finishes, see the tan dress on your far right?

Adorable Chinese doll with black shoes and tan wooden student desk

My paparazzi's binocular, see the blackie on the frame?

My paparazzi's 19 years old purses, she still keeps it, tsk! tsk!

And what's more black and tan than us? Ximui the Pug!

Chubs the Pug and the Bromeliad tan pot and black stand! Tada!

Finally, I hope that you enjoy this, a collection of the most valuable black and tan in our house: Pugs! Pugs! and Pugs!

Oh, one last note, in our previous post, Rocky has guessed it correctly: Sunday June 7th was our 1st bloggaversary, prize is on the way to your castle, Rocky boy!
Thanks to all who answered our question!
Until next post, cheers!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gold Struck!

Hello pals, Mango here!
Mango here!
(Guess nobody notices my absence!)
I love to brag about my loots today.
What do these packages have in common?
They're all sent to Mango!
( Asta, Myrna Bougainvillea keeps growing strongly)

Ximui and Chubs are trying to look for their names.

First pressie came from Suzuki, she generously sent to all who entering the contest on her 100th post celebration. There were 3 toys, I'm the smallest pup so I got the biggest toy!
Muaahhh, Suzuki!

Suzuki lives very close to the pretty beach in Australia, I hang her letter next to a sea creature! See her photo? No, she's the one with paws, not claws!

Next came pressie from Autumn, my Maltese lil' sister.
She and her mom sent me a thoughtful package all the way from Malaysia: shirts, doggy pendant, sausages! I can't thank you enough, your gifts make my day!

Do you like my bling bling pendant?

I go crazy in that beautiful blue shirt, Autumn also has one in pink, that's the brother-sister shirts that her mom specially ordered for Autumn and I.

I model both shirts, which one makes me looks more elegant?

Autumn's letter, her pawmanship is gorgeous!

Finally, last but not least, pressie from Addie, Lucie and Hailey. Their mom bought a pouch to carry Hailey during their walk but Hailey was too wiggly to stay in it so their mom passes it on for free to someone that could really use it. It's me, lucky Mango!
My mom's shape is round, just like the back of this chair, so Addie, Lucie and Hailey, look at me in that cute pouch, I love it, Love it! Thank you!
Can you spot Hailey in that picture?

I have a question for you, what does this day mean to me?
First one guess it correctly will receive a gift, ta da!
Until next post, cheers!