Monday, June 28, 2010

More or less?

Hello efurybody,
Would you love me less?

Or would you love me more, a victim of my mom's trim-your-kid's-furcoat-yourself project.

Until next post, cheers!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Daddy we love you.
We always look up to you, 'cause your hands are always holding some yummy treats for us.

Now this is our turn to serve you and all daddies the yummy treats followed by back rubs on this special day:
Oops, where's Mango?
He already sneaked out to have some fun in Bella's Hat Parade in Australia.
Hit the road, Mango and don't come back no more no more...
Until next post, cheers!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl attack!!!

Hello efurybody,
The story that I gonna brag about was not a dream.
No photoshop either, well, just a little colors added to enhance the romance!
That nice cool evening I was in the mood for walking to keep my male figure!
Grooming: checked!
Cologne: checked!
Gorgeous harness: checked!

My Pugs brothers prefer to stay home to eat or taking nap.
Look it me, so eager to hit the park!

My mom prefered to stay home to eat or taking nap as well, sigh!
Mom, are you moving or not?

In the park, look what I spotted from far away.
A stunningly beautiful black and white ( oh my fav colors) Shih Tzu.

There she came closer to check out my big fat Pug brothers first!

She kept checking them out!

Then suddently she turned toward me like I was a magnet!!
I could feel her heart beats had started speeding.
Eye contacted while her perfume filled the air!

Woof! You took my breath away, baby!

Oh la la! She was about to shower me with smoochies smoochies!

Ah! She also loved to tickle me!

And this one was not for puppies and kittens under 17!
All my male friends out there, I wish the same for you!

My heartfelt thank to friends who have visited Autumn and Jasmine to support them with your love and encouragement. Your kind and nice words have strengthened their Mom's desire to keep and raise Jasmine the loving way she has raised Autumn. Love y'all!

Until next post, cheers!