Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Happy Post

Hello everyone!
I'm back!
What do you see here?
You're right!

It's Asta's blog screen and tons of goodies!
Yeah, she sent me a nice package... loooong time ago!

She lives a glorious life in New York City, I wish I were her doorman!

The pressies box came in the fall, leaves on the pear tree had just changed their coat color!
I rushed to the box that was waiting for me, immediately followed by my annoyed brothers!

I got the box first!

But then again, head-on collison between Chubs and I!

When the box opened, oh the scent of New York fluttered my heart!

Spider man warned Chubs to stay away from my gifts

Of course Chubs didn't listen, he even tried to pull the box closer to him

He wrestled with Spider man, almost ripped him apart!
Tsk! Tsk!

He managed to steal the treat bag right in front of me!

Asta nicely told me that I can share my presents with Ximui and Chubs.
I'll do anything for you dearest Asta, I'll share it!

But no way I share this precious moment with them: the sweet moment that you and I sipping champagne under the candle light, see those slipper drink wear that you sent me, I love it so much!
Thanks Asta, I'll treasure your friendship furever!
Ximui, Chubs and I enjoyed your thoughtful gifts more than you'll ever know!

Not only my brothers but my mom was greedy too , she declared the silk scarf and the soap were for her.
Hey, I can read French:
Soap of the Marseille, extra pure, 72% of oil!
Notice the right upper of the soap, Chubs thought it was a big chunk of cheese, he carved a slice out of it, you imagine the rest, hahaha!

GOOD BYE 2009!
Wishing all my friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!
Until next post, cheers!