Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today Dec 2, my dream girl turns 2, Happy Barkday to you, Crystal baby.
I know you are very happy 'cause now you have me, 4ever, promise!

We're so happy together, muahhhh!

All of you who are reading this, please rent a U-haul to haul back as many Awards as you can, my honor to pass them onto all of you!

Coco gave this special Award, the scent of Mango, you made me a VIP, thanks cutie

Coco, Honey and Happy made my day with this Award.
I love your blogs more and I mean it!

Holly and Zac, Happy, Bolo, Thor, Mona, Chloe, Ruby and Coco decorated my garden with those pretty wing of butterfly

Holly and Zac, and Ruby granted me this Award, it's so cute, thanks buddies!

My dear pal, Cyrus had made me rolled on the floor with his humor, please visit him to have a good laugh

Elmo gave me this Award, you know that you lifted my spirit too, didn't you?

These Awards are from Honey and Happy, that is so inspirational, thanks pals!

Happy, Ruby, Paco and Milo, Mona, Dino, Holly and Zac teached me how to share, specially LOVE

Coco enriched my wallet with this gold visa card, thanks a million!

Rocky and company huged me and handed me this Award, you know how much I love to have those helpful ladybugs in my garden, thanks.

Dino, Happy, Honey, Holly and Zac brightened my day with a perfect blend of Friendship, thanks a bunch!

Until next post, cheers!