Friday, April 24, 2009

Singapore Sling

Yep, it's me, being knocked out by a shot of Singapore Sling!

Who doesn't know these celebs please raise their hands.
It's Huskee the famous Singapore citizen

And his adorable sister Hershey!

A while back, they shared their cutie slipper toys to 3 other pups, and "a surprise gift to an very special friend who had always been quietly leaving very sweet and supportive messages on our blog and always been showing concern for our mom. We just want to show our appreciation to him and his mom for their kindness and friendship. We won't be telling you who he is yet cos otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise anymore."
Guess who? It's me, me, me!
The pressie came a few days ago, looked like the mailman wanted to tease me. He threw the package up on the hanging flower basket there, see how mean he was?

I barked until it fell within paw reach, my throat was so sore!

Here came Chubs, he declared his ownership!

Endless family feud!

I bravely fought for my pressie: slipper toy and cookie treats, thanks Huskee and Hershey and the beautiful lady behind the scene, H&H's mom, we love you more and more!

While we were fighting over toy and treats, Ximui enjoyed every word of the thoughtful letter that H&H sent to ME!

Up close, and personal! I loved those pretty pawriting, muahhhh!

I slipped my paw into the velvet slipper, how comfy!
See the cookie shining under afternoon sun? Look like a gold bar!

I show off my teeffie to scare off "enemy"

Like it was not scary enough, I barked " enemy" away!

You want more cookie, Chubs? Take that! Hehehe!
( Please be assured that no harm was done here, just a comic visual effect!)

Ximui and Chubs here: Crystal, we heard Mango saying this: His friends have showered him with pressies to comfort him since you closed your blog. With treats and toys coming every week like that, you can close your blog as long as you want!
Mango: Crystal, please do not listen to Ximui and Chubs, they were drunk from Singapore Sling!

Until next post, cheers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Royal Mail

Hello pals,
Most of you already knew that my dream girl's blog
Crystal has temporarily closed since last week. She won't be blogging for a while, that news put an unbearable stress to my fragile heart. Lets hope Crystal and her brother Snowy will come back soon, very soon. She sent me this picture that made me sleepless for a few hours!

Oh I miss Crystal like sky misses cloud, flower misses morning dew, fire hydrant misses peemail... Then one day during my unescapeable depression, look what I found in my yard.
The pressie was from
Eric, the United Kingdom cool dude. He awarded me the prize for leaving a message in the Red nose Day post, how pawsome is that! Thanks Eric, you have lifted my spirit!

The Royal Mail clearly addressed "Mango The Maltese Only". Please biggify to see it yourself!

Even though, it still attracted some uninvited intruders! See?

Finally, it came back to the rightful recipient!

I show you what was inside the Royal Mail: a card, a bag of chicken strips ( made with real meat, whoa!), a huge magnet Red Nose (huge enough to cover me from head to tail) and, listen to this, a red nose whoopie cushion!!! I'll have Ximui sits on it, only his weight could made a super sonic sound, hehe!

Here's the card that made my happy days

His royal penmanship! Muahhh!

Me, carrying a chicken stick! Hope you don't see me drooling!

I shared some chicken strips to Ximui and Chubs, look at Chubs he almost choked due to his shameless appetite!
Oh where was Ximui? Tsk! Tsk! That jumbo Pug already sped off with his chicken strips!

Until next post, cheers!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mango pops the question!

Everydoggy has known by now that I'm deeply in love with my girl!
Don't you think it's about time to pop the question?
But let's do this happy song first, Snowy the Dubai charm turned 5 on March 31! Yeah!
Please go to his blog to cheer him up and share his cake, his Mom baked him a yummy cake, she even has the link to the recipe !

I baked him a cake too ( Ximui and Chubs here: Mango stole it on the Net, hehe!)

Crystal and Snowy gave us these two beautiful Awards!

It's my honor to pass them to all of you, please take it!
I have good news to brag about: I now have a Maltese sister, her name is Autumn, she lives with her Mom in Malaysia, isn't she adorable? Please visit her blog and give her a great warm welcome!

Now to the excited part, THE ENGAGEMENT RING!
I popped the question!
( Ximui and Chubs here: Shame on Mango, he stole (again) the napkin ring on the Net)

And She Said YES!
Ta da!
Look at us, the newly engaged lovebirds!

Betty and Mango! We begin our musical notes together!

Ximui and Chubs here: Poor Mango, he thought he has fooled you, hehe!
Mango here: Crystal, just an April Fool's day joke, I'm always yours, always! Muahhhh!

Until next post, cheer!