Friday, January 23, 2009

Signed, sealed, and delivered!

I'm so excited to show you the gift package from Chef
Here is our handsome Canadian fellow Chef!
Ladies, control your heart beats, please!

December 2008 , Chef won Breed and Group in United Kennel Club Show.
He brought home pride and joy!
And precious Ribbons!

Then glorious Show Case!

And a nice Eukanuba blanket!

I shamelessly asked Chef for the bag, Chef told me I could have the blanket as well.
Next thing I knew, here came the whole rich package of fun toys, food and of course, the most sought after blanket!

Me first, me first, sniffing the fresh air from Canada

Here came Ximui helping me unpack the dream pressies

Then Chubs joined us, he was so curious! He didn't even know where Canada is!

We screamed in full excitement!

FOOD! I smelled food, yum! yum!
A card addressed to Mango with lovely words and nice penmanship! My heart melted, Chef! Never been melted by a man before!
And countless of toys!
A mini skinneeez, a Kong wubba, a nobbly wobbly, a cute squeaky shoe, 2 vinyl toys" perfect for Toy Breeds", thanks for your thoughtfulness, Chef, it's perfect for me!
That night I showed Chubs how to open pressies using your own sharp teethy
Foodies must be coming from Chef's kitchen, tasty 'til the last crumb!

La vie en rose! I couln't ask for more.

Chef, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your pressies has brighten my day! I'll follow your kindness and generousity to spread the cheerful attitude and warm caring to all DWB friends from now on.

Until next post, cheers!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Drum roll! 2009 is hereeeee!

HELLO 2009!

First off, this is my New Year gift to all of you, my exclusive "Mango cologne" gift basket, specially to the fine young pretty ladies, kiss kiss, muahhhh!
I can't tell you where my Mango manly fragrance extracted from, just close your eyes and enjoy the aromatherapy!

Looking back in December 2008, I apologize to Mr. Mailman for making him worked much much harder to deliver tons of Christmas cards to us, Mango,Ximui, and Chubs.

We're so grateful to be loved by all of you, our beloved DWB friends. I love you more!
We received cards from halfway around the world, some from someone we haven't visited yet, some cute hand made cards, some professionally designed cards, you name it!

We have tried to respond to all, hopefully we didn't miss anyone. We also received tons of E-card, how high tech those cards were, we enjoyed watching those interaction e-card which dropped my brothers' jaws!

Here I am, content and happily greeting the new year!

After all the excitement holidays, we're restfully taking our new year afternoon nap.
Ximui and Chubs: Lookie! Lookie! Mango's bed is pink pink pink!
Mango: My mom is the queen saver, she got me a pink bed simply because it was on sale and it was the only one left!).

Until next post, cheers!