Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hal-love-ween date, again.

Hello everybody, ready for a fairy tale story?
On the road again, I'm on my way to Dubai for a second Hal-love-ween date with my dream girl Crystal .
Mango the skydiver, are you impressed?

Is it Star riding the lobster down there? Snowy, Star's date is half Maltese-half Lobster!

Dubai! My dream destination!
I'm navigating a smooth landing!
Crystal is waiting for me, kiss kiss blowing from the sky, baby!

Here comes Crystal in her pumpkin limousine.
I serenade her with the music of love.

Do you hear what I hear?
The wedding bell?

It's only Crystal and I in our Hal-love-ween costumes
Until next post, cheers!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Triple Happiness

In the previous post, you knew that I ran away from home because my mom forgetting my 3rd barkday!
I chose to be homeless, I live in the park, not happily though.

Even worse, look what Ximui and Chubs did, how rude!

My mom forgot my 3rd barkday but my friends did not.
Thanks to all of you who sent best wishes on my barkday and invited me to stay with you during this homeless phase, I'm sooooo touched and flattered!
Now let me tell you about my triple happiness.
First happiness: My dream girl
Crystal is back to blogging, she must have missed me terribly, yeah!
Crystal, will you be my Halloween date?

Second and third happiness: The postman delivered TWO packages to the park from
Huskee and Hershey and Maggie and Mitch.
I can tell my gloomy days is over! Way over!

I show and tell you about the much needed pressies from Huskee and Hershey today, I will continue to tell the lovely gifts from Maggie and Mitch in the next post.
M&M you two deserve your very own post, coming soon!
Not only Huskee and Hershey posted their barkday wish for me, see the red hat handsome guy in their blog?
It's me, Mango!

They also send pressies for me (but sadly, Ximui and Chubs included).
Chubs fought for the box, he knocked me down so hard that I saw stars!

But I wouln't let it go!
I still look cool, even I'm up side down, right?

In two minutes, all the pleasant gifts are out: A lovely pawmanship note, a rubber toy, a bone shaped toy, a bag of yummy meaty stix, a rope, and a super star treat box.
I'm a millionaire! Well, may be only 1/3 millionaire 'cause I have to share to the other 2 monsters!

I'm super nice to let Ximui and Chubs sniffing and inspecting (and robbing) the pressies.

Huskee and Hershey wanted me to pick first, here I walked away with my fav prize: bone shaped toy! Who can't resist bone?

Chubs tried to open the super star treat box while Ximui struggling with his robe toy!

Oh lookie, lookie! It's me in the meaty stix cover, my mom wishes she had the lady's figure!
Not in this life, mom!

Come on, meat stix, I'm waiting!

Chubs and I hypnotized the stix, do drop to my mouth first, please!

Like my trick? Stix on the nose!

Got cha!

We had so much fun, dear Huskee and Hershey and auntie Shane and uncle Mark,
Ximui and Chubs here: Thanks for the yummy treats and toys, specially our names were mentioned otherwise that naughty boy would have claimed it his own. We enjoy every bit of it!
Mango here: Thanks for the wonderful pressies. I feel your love, care and friendship that being sent along which we treasure most. We all kiss you like Hershey kisses her beautiful mom on the screen.

Happy ending at last!
Until next post, cheers!