Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello my precious pals,
Where do I begin?
From Dubai, of course!
You saw on
Snowy's post yesterday that they were ready to rock on the road again.
Mona, Snowy,Crystal and I had planned to double dating on Halloveween 10-31-2008.
My darling Crystal and her handsome brother Snowy arrived to Galveston Harbor (where hurricane Ike had visited recently).
Snowy brought a huge basket of desert red roses for his first time dating Mona

I invited the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to come to Galveston to give a big warm welcome to our celebrities. We sat in the front row, see us?
From left to right: I, Crystal, Mona and Snowy who wore his national flag hat. I had my USA flag with me too, like we were about to enter pawlimpics again!)

The foursome then checked in a nice place to have dinner together.

After that, Crystal and I took a thrill ride on hot air balloon to fly to my hometown Dallas (we gave Mona and Snowy their privacy, hehe!)

I gave Crystal the yellow rose of Texas in a romantic night with Dallas skyline behind us .

Then we shared a dinner to remember, does it remind you the famous scene sharing spaghetty dish in the all-time-favorite movie Lady and the Tramp?

My family invited Crystal to stay with us during her trip in the States.
A princess deserved a princess suite, here I came to tuck her in.
Sweet dream, cutie, I'll see you tomorrow!

Until next post, cheers!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello my precious friends,
I'm back!!!
I noticed that my picture was not posted on the milk carton "Have you seen me?".
Nobody wondered if I'm missing in action *sob! sob!*
OK, so much for whining.
I apologize for diving too long. I'm in big debt: Joe, Snowy, Rambo, Huskee tagged me a long while ago, I promise (again!) that I will respond asap (hehe).
Bolo, Chloe, Cyrus, Coco and Rocky gave me Awards, thank you, I pick them up in a timely manner (seriously!).
This post I dedicate to my dream girl, my true love, my adorable CRYSTAL
She is an elegant, stylish young lady!
Either pretty indoors
Or sporty outdoors
I show you why I say we were made for each other
Happy together
Tirelessly sending romantic wet kisses
Enjoying each other, we're forever soulmates!
Lovesick together
Excited together
CRYSTAL my love, Dallas-Dubai-December-Delightful-Dating...
All bloggers out there, please add more "D" for our love story, please please no " danger, disease..." hehe!
Until next post, cheers!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Piggybacking, all the way!

Hello my precious friends,
Have you missed me? I can't hear y'all.
Yeah, I've missed you more.
I have a lot to tell you, first off:
BWTH Doghouse

The Proximidade Award, thanks BenBen, Twinkle, WangWang and Hippo, I have tons of fun visiting your blog.

From Isis

The Premio Dardos Awards, thanks Isis, I love your kindness to other bloggers.

From Abby

The I'm An Awsome Blogger Friend Award and the Premio Dardos Award, thanks Abby, I enjoy reading your blog.

From Deetz

The Gold Paw Award and the I'm An Awsome Blogger Award, thanks Deetz, I always want to be with you through happiness or sadness.

All my friends, please pick your favorite awards, it's my pleasure to pass it onto you, cheers!

Are you worried about world economy?

I have to admit: my saving lalety has been down to a critical level, thanks to Abby and Deetz who gave me Green (the color of money) and Gold to help me out during the stock crisis or whatever.

Go Green, Save Green, I help saving our planet by piggybacking a biker, all the way to Dubai, Crystal my love, I'll be there by December, muahhh!

Until next post, cheers!