Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas once more!

Hello all!
My mom is not a time-sensitive person at all!
I received a wonderful gift package from Momo, Pinot and family back in January and now she just went to Blogger to post it up. She hasn't posted anything so long that she forgot the password to sign in.
Tsk! Tsk!
Who doesn't love cute faces like these, may I present Momo, Pinot and little prince James.
Isn't he adorable in that dragon robe?
Ah, do you notice that Momo, Pinot and James are about the same size?
Tell me who's the pack leader?

I just couldn't wait to open MY gift but I had to act cool.
I pretended to take a nap then I snuck out of the bed.

Oh my! Was I in 7th heaven or what???
( Hehe, gift was sent when Poinsettias was blooming and now Azalea has its first bloom too)
Sniff! Sniff!
Food! Yum-my-de-li-cious food!
Treats filled "petit paquet".
Treats are everywhere!
Check out the left!
Then check out the right!
Momo and Pinot's Mom did read my mind!

Oh no, lookie, lookie. Here came Chubs!

Chubs snatched away a bag of Salmon!
Give it back, it's mine!

Chubs didn't even read the lovely card. Food, that's all he cares about!

And pictures!
My mom wishes little prince James were her grandson!
My mom says the cute trio Momo, Pinot and baby James are priceless!
All the Moms out there, those Japanese and Vietnamese dolls are for you.

Are you drooling like me when you see these?

Take a closer look, Pudding!
" Mango" flavor!
" low calories, contains no eggs, not suitable for puppies"
Load it up, Momo&Pinot, I'm a grown man and I'm not allergic to any foods!

Here ladies, you can have my pink chopsdog!

And yellow chopsdog for gentlemen!
Thanks a bunch Momo, Pinot, little prince James and your great pawrents for
caring and showing your love to us, the three bachelors in Texas.
I'm crazy about food but I also a deep thinker.
Here I'm content, happy when I'm surrounded by things that I treasure
very much: friendship, caring, support, love.
I share my love to all of you but I'll keep all the treats, hehe!

Until next post, cheers!