Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mango is falling...

Hello our precious friends,
Ximui and Chubs, Mango's brothers here.
We're so worried about Mango, our little annoyed brother.
Lately, Mango has been acting very strange.

This is how he does all day, depressingly staring into nowhere.

My mom took us outing to the lake to cheer him up. He was with us but his mind wandering somewhere.

He seemed to helplessly looking for something from far away.

Or hopelessly waiting for something.

Then we saw him tenderly staring at the screen for hours.

Who is that gorgous girl???
Is she the one who turns Mango the Maltese kiddo into Mango the Maltese weirdo???

Hello doggies, we need your help big time, please help us identify her, begging her to use her wand knocking on Mango's empty head to bring him back to his boring self.

Until next post. cheers!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shooting Awards

Hello precious pals,
Chubs is here, I was rescued in last June, I love my new family.
Mango is jealous of me, he has painted a dark image about me like peeing carelessly during many photo shoots.
Mango is the controlled maniac media, he wanted you to see what he wanted you to see.
Look at me, do you see a young attractive fun food friend loving innocent fella?

Our blog has been showered with too many Awards lately.
I will get off the wagon above to haul all the Awards home. (Mango, I don't want you whining about hurting your noodled lazy back).

We're very honored to receive this Award from Dr. Asta and we'd like to pass it on to Peanut, Snowy&Crystal, BWTH dog house, Happy, Huskee&Hershy, Lacy, Joe, Thor, Deetz&Gizmo, Chef, Lorenza, Pedro, and T-man Angel.

Lorenza gave us this Awards and we'd like to pass it on to Dr. Asta, Amber-Mae, Sunny and Scooter, Agatha&Archie, Rambo, Mango&Dexter, Fred, Maggie&Mitch, Snowy&Crystal, Snoop, Scotty, Snowball, and JB

Thor and Matilda gave us this Award and we'd like to pass it on to Casper, Fluffy&Porsche, Snowy&Crystal, Scruffy&Lacie&Stan, Pippa, Clover, Ben, Hero, Gussie, Isis, Jazz&Dixie, Puff, Ozzy and Noah.

Thor and Pedro gave us this Award and we'd like to pass it on to Dr. Asta, Simba, Stanley, Gizmo, The three Musketeers, Mango&Dexter, Momo&Pinot, Snowy&Crystal, Cocoa&Barley, Snowball, The Zoo, Girl Girl, and Abby.

Last but not least, Gizmo, Scotty, BWTH Dog House, Momo&Pinot, Cocoa&Barley, Happy, Pedro, Huskee, Cody&Lady&Zena, and Chef gave us this Awards and we'd like to pass it on to Ronin the Pug, Mona, Matilda, Boy&Baby, Boo, Xsara, Murphy, Poodle soup, Snowy&Crystal, Chloe, Jessie&Jake, Clover, Snowball, Maggie, and Goofy.

We love y'all and enjoy reading your blogs.
Until next post, cheers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello my precious friends,
Thank you for making my barkday a glorious unforgettable day.
I love all of you, it's a small world since I have become your friends whether you're right here in the States or North or South America or living half way around the world like Southeast Asia or Europe.
I wanted to show all of you the melody from my heart (and my new hair cut) and meet Ms. Texan Doggy.

Can you see my message: I love you , Anh yeu em, Szeretlek, Te quiero, Ti amo, Я тебя люблю, 我爱你, Eu te amo, 당신을 사랑합니다, Ik hou van jou, 我愛你, أنا أحبك, Je t'aime , Σε αγαπώ, 愛しています,

Ximui and Chubs said "I love you" too

Oh no, Chubs! What the #*%$#&?

Chubs did it again!

Why did he always love to ruin my digital moment?

I ducked it just in the nick of time, whew!

After the photo shoot, Chubs kidnapped Ms. Texan Doggy, clumsily knocked her down and got her very dirty. My Mom had to give Ms Texan Doggy a heavy duty bath and sundried her for 2 days 'cause she couldn't fit into the sauna dryer!

Until next post, cheers!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Stork stopped here

Once upon a time...
On a sunny summer day two years ago 9-6-2006.
Beautiful flowers dancing with the morning breeze.

Oh! Look!
The stork had arrived in the garden.

The stork delivered a very special basket

Inside the basket waiting a cute angelic pup

The lady of the house couldn't help but falling in love with him instantly.
She picked him up, held him in her arms, kissed him and kissed him. They have become inseparable ! She named him Mango the Maltese kiddo.

Over two years, the tooth fairy has visited many times, Mango has grown into a young fine gentledog.

Mango has launched into modeling career for the lady

24/7 no paid overworked job, even modeling in his sleep.

A few days before Mango's birthday, his dear friends Snowy&Crystal and their mommy Kat in Dubai sent him this package

Mango crazily wanted to see what was inside

Ah! A lovely birthday card and toys! See Snowy&Crystal's sparkling smiles?

Up close and personal

Mango jumped into the blue gift box with uncontrollable joy, oh, there was a sweet pleasant scent inflating his lungs. Sniff! Sniff! He wondered was that the perfume Crystal wore, just for him?

Mango read the letter over and over.

He proudly showed the doggies world his lovely birthday gift came all the way from Dubai

Mango tirelessly played with it for hours

Then happily slept with it

The love from Crystal has made his year.
To all his dear precious pals, let's sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MANGO!

Until next post, cheers!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What happens in Vegas

Hello pals,
If you have not read the previous entry, please read it first.

Thanks to you doggies barking out loud that I was cuter, I noticed that in the new movie "What happens in Vegas" starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, she has changed her hairdo!

She even covered her hair!
No more copycat!
No more imitation!

But I bet you somebody in Hollywood will copy my sitting pose in no time!

Until next post, cheers!