Sunday, August 28, 2011

Will you swim with us?

Hello efurryone,
Mango, Chubs and Ximui are here!
We're baaack 'cause we MISS you so much.
Terribly hot summer can't destroy my coolly handsomeness, can it?

Watch me Mango swimming with style, Olympic style!

Chubs swims like a turtle!

And Ximui swims like a sleepy turtle!

Until next post, cheers!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who dragged my bed out?

Hello all my dear friends,
Mango here.
Do I look cute even when I'm getting so comfy in my cozy bed!
I've outgrown this sweater. My Pug brothers say it's not a sweater, it's a sport bra.
Me, a handsome boy wearing a sport bra?

We all have our own beds which my mom brought home once in a while from a clearance sale, end-of-season sale, discontinued sale, garage sale, oh whatever!

Last Sunday 1/9 Dallas had the first snow of this winter.
I enjoyed watching the snow falling down from the sky.

Then look what I found!
It covered with 2 inch snow!!!
Oh no!
Who threw my bed out?

Who else?
Below is the snapshot of the culprit!
See, they're hiding their faces!
Guilty! Guilty!

Not only they dragged my bed out but they also threw away my toy Ms. Lemon Lime Turtle.
She carried tons of snow on her fragile shell, poor kid!

I need your power of paws to save my turtle.
All my friends, do you hear me?
Do you see my helpless look?

Despite the coldness, I'm here with you, side by side, Lemon Lime Turtle.
The sunshine of a new day will help you defrost, will bring you back to life.
Our friendship will last furever, furever!

Until next post, cheers!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Texmas from Texas to all

Hello efurybody!
It's us again.
We're coming back with love, excitement and happiness to wish you all best wishes, hugs and kisses to all of our dear friends!

Until next post, cheers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me, the most popular boy?

Hi efurrybody,
How're you?
I can't wait to brag about my great news.
First off, Sprinkles gave me this wondefur Award
I loved it right at the first sight, you know I love food, don't you Sprinkles.
Thank a bunch Sprinkles.

I won (by luck) the Hat Parade Contest hosted by Bella last month.
Drum roll!!!

Here comes the prize:
Me? Most Popular boy? (and desperately available)

I'm so honored to share it with Maggie who won the girl hat category.
Below is the photo of Bella and her new baby brother Ollie in the pram.
They live in style, I'm telling you.

It's me wearing my lucky red hat with the package that came all the way from Autralia!

I read the letter in the package first, whoa, Bella is it your pretty pawmanship?
And you drew a heart for me?
Valentine Encore in summer?

I adore my loot that includes a lot of love and pressies.
In the below photo, from the upper left down
1. A Kaola stuffie ( I won't remove your cute eyes, promise!)
2. A yellow ball ( a yellow rose of Texas back at you)
3. An Australia Map Magnet ( how do you know that my mom collecting magnet?)
4. A personal Kaola card to dear Mango ( not dear John, phew!)
5. Two Bella angel cards ( you're my angel Bella)
6. A Kaola pen ( my mom let me have it, surprise!)
7. A woof toy bone ( I woofed out loud when I saw it)
8. A mini Kaola "I love Australia" stuffie ( I love Australia more)
9. A Kids Story book: Kaola's Big Day ( I'll read it to my mom tonight)

Can you believe it Bella, my mom has a crystal statue of Kaola too
and it's older than me!

Do you see the Australia Map Magnet made a nice spot in my mom magnet collection?

Look at me, I'm touched, I'm content, my life is perfect, thanks Sprinkles and Bella and your lovely family for your caring and thoughtful gifts.

Until next post, cheers!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reach out and touch someone

Whoa whoa, Miss Hibiscus, is it your tongue or your arm?

All my dear friends, please reach out and touch someone today.
Please visit Mona 's blog to support poor Shelby for all the pain and distress she has been through. She needs tons of love and assistance from us.

Until next post, cheers!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Hello efurybody,
Live from Texas!
Oh, say can you see...

It's me singing the National Anthem live from the West Lawn of my house in Texas.
Handsome, charming patriotic Mango!

We celebrate the holiday by our traditional watching fireworks
Ximui and Chubs tried to stay calm, cool, and collected.

The sound of going off fireworks didn't amuse Ximui.

Chubs fled away without ever looking back!

Only me stayed 'til the end of the fabulous glorious show.
This orange chrysanthemum shaped firework specially made for Asta and Hershey (who loves to wear orange jersey during the Soccer World Cup).
It splitted into small carrot sticks, com' on, into my mouth!

It's a long impressive thing, isn't it? I mean my tongue, not the fireworks, haha!
And no Pugs were harm during the show, they were safe under the bed, hahaha!

Until next post, cheers!