Sunday, September 27, 2009

Unhappy Birthday

It's me, Mango!
Mango the Homeless!
I tell you why I'm homeless!
Notice my blog background? It's Happy Birthday theme, isn't it?
I think not! My family forgot my important 3th birthday September 6th, my friends were not aware of it, even Crystal, yes my dream girl Crystal didn't remember IT!
Have you spent any birthdays without friends, cake, candles, balloon, presents, wishes?
Oh well, I admit that I had one birthday present from my mom, look!
Look at the horrible outfit she gave to me!
You're laughing, I know it!

Keep laughing, I look fat, don't I?

I'm not amused!

My mom mistreated me, there's no reason to stay.
One night, while my 2 Pugs brother were in deep sleep coma, I decided to leave the nest!

Life has been hard after that but I don't care!
I spend the nights outdoor, on a straw bed!

Sometimes on a bench in the public park!

I don't know where my next meal comes from !
I'm terribly hungry, I'm even drooling while eyeing the bird food.

Until next post( if there's one), cheers!