Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

What'cha doing today?
We're heading to the pool, look what my mom dresses us.
Overprotective and underestimate my swimming skill!

I still look handsome, most handsome of three!

Just add water!

I think Chubs hollers for help!

Ximui's having an anxiety attack!

And me, stay cool under the burning Texas sun!
Crystal, I'll swim over the Pacific ocean to meet you some day baby!

Meet Sharpie, our lifeguard, he loves to eat hot dogs!
Ooops, look like he's chasing us!
Omigosh, are you that hungry, Sharpie?

And finally, meet Star, a new lovely Maltese pup in Arlington, Texas.
Isn't she super cute, cool and stylist? Her smile melts our hearts!
Please head over to her blog to extend a big warm welcome hug to her and her brother Riley.
Again, her blog:

Until next post, cheers!